• Our water reaches homes, offices, and shops via free-delivery.

 • Our products are distributed in all regions of Oman except Musandam Governorate via our
    wide geographical distribution network.

 • We also have some excellent distributors selling ourbrands in exclusive regions.

 • Why bother to shop for water when we offer you absolutely free-delivery of 12L bottles to
   your door steps twice per week?

 • Free-delivery lightens your load, assures quality, and quenches your thirst.

 • You will enjoy a continuous supply of pure, refreshing Barzman water.

 • We can arrange for you to purchase high-qualityfloor-dispensers and pot-dispensers.

 • You don't even need to be home for the delivery. You can buy coupons for as many bottles
    as you wish and we’ll exchange our filled bottles with these coupons.

 • Twice per week, you will receive as many new bottles as you need.

 • We will deliver to you on a schedule tailored to meet your needs! Increase or decrease the
    size of your delivery as needs change. It is both affordable and convenient.

 • Please, provide some information about yourself to start delivery of Barzman water, to your
    home or your office. Barzman's representative will respond as soon as possible to confirm
    your order and start delivery.


Way 4301, Mazoon Street,
Al-Mawaleh South,
P.O. Box: 1010, P.C. 132,
Al Khoud,
Sultanate of Oman.
Ph: +968 24541135
Fax: +968 24542236

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